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The Michael/Ryan Community

Welcome to michael_temp, the Michael Would Definitely Have Sex With Ryan community. Here you will find fic, fanvids, fanart, and other points of interest pertaining to the Michael/Ryan relationship.

Check the Master List for all past Michael/Ryan fanwork contributions.

- We assume that, because you're here, you like Michael, Ryan, and Michael/Ryan. However, you might not like some of the other ships and characters on The Office, and that's totally cool. But you may not bash/flame those characters or ships or people who like those characters and ships.
- Please use an lj-cut for large pictures and fics (no matter the length). Especially make sure you cut and warn for spoilers.
- Please give your fics headers. There's no specific format, but try to include most or all of the following: title, rating, spoiler alerts, warnings, summary, and disclaimer.
- Please try to remember to tag your entries. Tag them as you think appropriate. Eventually I'm going to make a tagging system, but there isn't one at the moment.
- Any questions or comments can be sent over HERE to tinted_glass.

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