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S4 Deleted Michael/Ryan Scenes

Hey guys. I edited together all the Michael/Ryan S4 deleted scenes. There aren't as many as in S3, and one of them is more like a Freudian referential as opposed to a full on scene where Michael spends time elaborating his affections, but Michael/Ryan is Michael/Ryan in any form. Y/Y? Also, I swear to God, folks. A couple of these break my heart. I mean, the glimmers of honesty when Michael feels his worst, they hurt, but they also telegraph what I really, truly love about the pairing: how much Michael really wants Ryan in his life, and how much he must genuinely love him to say and feel those things in the first place. Ryan played such a pivotal role in Michael's S4 emotional roller coaster, and I think these scenes definitely show just how much of an enabler Ryan really was.

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Also, I updated the master list and added the Misc. Section awhile back. Feel free to check it out if you haven't already. :>

Season 4 Deleted Scene

Hi, guys! I wasn't sure whether to leave a comment on the master list thread or make a new post, so I did the latter. Mods, feel free to correct me.

Anyway, someone over at theoffice_us posted YouTube links to the season 4 deleted scenes, and the 'Fun Run' ones contained some Ryan/Michael-ness that I decided to repost here.

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[The Michael/Ryan convo starts at the 2:40 mark and the part that made me choke is around 3:30]

If for some reason the embedding doesn't work, the clip is here.
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Hey y'all.

I would have back-dated the master list but apparently back-dating on a non-personal journal is not an option.

So as you can see, the master list of all Michael/Ryan fanworks that I know to exist in fandom (for your viewing pleasure!) is obviously up now. And by "master list" what I really mean is I am mentally picturing a day when it will be brimming with shocking SCADS of material, but alas, this is Office fandom and really? Really really? To the best of my knowledge the shocking scads of material don't exist.

The point is, the master list's length or lack thereof has me weeping--I'm weeping here, folks--and hoping so hard that I neglected to include a few links.

So if you've written fic, made a fanvid or anything, and don't see it listed, by all means feel free to let me know. Also, if you guys know of any other Michael/Ryan fanworks not included in the list, I implore you, leave a comment there. Flood my inbox with the recommendations. The community will love you forever. I will love you forever. Trust me on this one.

[Note: wandersfound and I were considering adding a "Misc." section. We refrained due to lack of substantial content. However, if you guys would like to have the Misc. section, I'll happily edit it in with all of its like, two-three items.]

I hope the list will make it easier for you to browse for the pairing. Because I KNOW it can be time-consuming looking for Michael/Ryan anything in this fandom. It will be updated whenever new contributions are made. :>
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Master List

updated: 12/16/10
* new additions


A Mandatory Bonding Session by typicrobots [PG-13]
Avoiding the Lens by wandersfound [PG-13]
The Blind Date by wandersfound [PG]
Brokeback Dunder Mifflin? by _shesastar [PG]
but we're still losing by snoopypez
Can't Run From Me by bella_reeve [PG-13]
Dear Diary by wandersfound [PG]
Do You Mean Neverland? by kippermay [PG]
Eight Days a Week by mazily [R]
five things that made the employees of Dunder-Mifflin think of sex at work by honey_wheeler
*Five Times Ryan Gets Kissed, and One Time He Does the Kissing by wandersfound [PG-13]
Five Shameful Fantasies about a Coworker by katiemariie [R]
Folkin' Around by redwhitedresses [PG]
Four Times Ryan Feels Guilty About Michael, and One Time He Doesn’t by jordandesolated [R]
*Help Me by DBShazz [R]
*Hottest in the Office by SideshowStarlet [PG-13]
Inbox by waitingforjimmy [R]
The Morning After by firthgal [PG-13]
My Dream by bella_reeve [R]
*Late Night Visitor by Moony3003 [R]
The Phone Calls by wandersfound [PG]
Tradition by wandersfound [PG]
Touchdown (not a football metaphor) by randomalia [R]
Unwanted Attention by traceace [PG]
we'll finish out of place by mozarts_fic [R]
What Ryan Couldn't Offer Michael by redwhitedresses [PG]


Everything You Want by PerianArdocyl
Hello: The Story of Unrequited Love by jenncho
I Thought You Were My Boyfriend! by semby
Look At Us by phantom_roxs
Michael's Unrequited Love by standbyfax


call 4 fun times! by tinted_glass
Dunder Pufflin: The Bane of Ryan Howard by theofficepuffs
Hungry? by tinted_glass
Ryan Finally Made a Sale! by diagonalzipper
that's a nice tie by tinted_glass


6 Michael/Ryan icons by tinted_glass
Burning Bridges: a Michael/Ryan fanmix by untherapy
Michael/Ryan Picspam and Meta by firthgal
Of Crack and Cardboard Weddings by tinted_glass
Poptail Party: a Michael/Ryan Dance Mix by tinted_glass
S3 Deleted Michael/Ryan Scenes and avi download link
S4 Deleted Michael/Ryan Scenes and avi download link

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