Songs and lyrics that fit them? :)

Anybody have songs/lyrics in mind that are perfect for this pairing? :D I am accumulating my own list for various situations between Michael and Ryan, but the one below I think sums up their entire relationship as it plays out on the show.

"I've been hating everything, everything that could have been
Could have been my anything, now everything's embarrassing" - Everything is Embarrassing by Sky Ferreira

Such a great song for them! Check this out~


Song (techno remix):

Hope this was enjoyed, and that more will come along that feel like sharing. ^_^

Newbie intro and fic

Hello. I am Malreve. My online buddies call me "Mrs. Verger" though. I've been a huge fan of this pairing for a long time now. How long? "That's what she said!" :)

Is this community still active? I hope so. I think it would be a shame for people to lose interest in this awesome pairing.

Anything you want to know about me, feel free to message me and ask.

In the meantime, I come bearing fic:

It is called "Some Kind of Stupid," and of course it is Michael/Ryan pairing. Very work-safe, I'm afraid. Hopefully I will finish something more exciting for us all soon. lol! Because of course love so amazing must be consummated. ;)

-Mrs. Verger
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Hottest in the Office Chapter 1/?

Hottest in the Office by SideshowStarlet

Summary: What if Ryan had a crush on Michael from the beginning? Then you would have a sensuous tale of hot temps, strip clubs, goofy bosses, alliances, humor, slash, and- quite possibly- true love. In other words, you would have this story.

Warnings: Moderate adult content, sexual overtones, SLASH 

Disclaimer: I do not own The Office; if I did, Ryan would admit his true feelings for Michael. Also, this story is a work-in-progress.

Pairing: Michael/Ryan (obviously), hints of Jim/Pam

"On the bright side, Michael Scott seemed too out of this world to notice Ryan’s rather obvious attraction to him. He wouldn’t put it past this strange man to call him on the little something in his pocket. In as loud a voice as possible and in full view of the rest of the office. Yep, thank goodness for small favors."

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